Friday, February 04, 2005

(GAME) Flip Wit

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Flip Wit
- The main objective is simple: move all the cards from the five decks at the bottom of the screen into the three stacks above, without running out of time or moves. To score really big, however, you'll have to master a crafty strategy...

(GAME) Pressure Shot

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Pressure Shot
- With so much pressure you're bound to find a few hazards over the course. The trick is recovering from your mistakes... Can you salvage five poor approach shots and help Europe retain the Cup?

(GAME) Psycho Bondage Bunnies

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Psycho Bondage Bunnies
- Your precious robo-rabbit has once again been kidnapped by the depraved bondage bunnies. To save him from a fate worse than death, you must face an army of sadistic lagomorphs wielding a lethal array of S&M toys. Kick their fuzzy little cottontails using robotic kung-fu and any weapon you can get your paws on, or your pet gets it (and not gently, either).

(GAME) Alien Hominid

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Alien Hominid
- In the movies, visiting aliens are either benign and want to enlighten us to the ways of the universe, or they're hostile and want to eradicate us and mine the Earth of its last natural resource. But how about an alien who just wants to mix it up with the FBI a bit? Run, jump, duck, and plug the Feds before they plug you in this energetic and charmingly animated little bloodbath. Keep watching the streets!

(GAME) I Was There

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I Was There
- 6ixel returns in a brand new game. Cross the road to help 6ixel attend a classic gig and pick up CDs on the way for bonus points. Highly addictive!

(GAME) Nucleus

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- Move a glowing blue charge from one electron to another by hopping orbits. Click on the nucleus of the atom when two adjacent electrons are close to each other, and mind the red particles as they'll set you back a step.

(GAME) Ablast

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- Blast your way through the Alien Armada. Plunder whatever technology you can, and defeat the fearsome enemy Bosses to reveal tools you'll need to defeat future Bosses. If you're a junkie for classic click-and-shoot space games, this one's for you.

(GAME) 6ixel original

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6ixel original
- Nothing celebrates music like running a little pixellated figure around a giant poster of a pop act while absolutely nothing plays in the background. If you can avoid the spikes, waiters, cars, and sheep things, you can collect all the discs and actually hear a clip from the act in question. Or maybe the sheep things are actually turtle things.

(GAME) Leafblower

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- Work on your blowing skills in this chore-themed challenge. The goal in each level is to get the leaves -- all of them -- on the target. Within a time limit. Often with other difficulties added in. And with no promise of getting your allowance when you're done. A level password would be welcome, but otherwise this game revolutionizes the extreme yardwork genre.

(GAME) Reflex

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- magine you're a Space Samurai, and you've been entrusted with the Infinity Key by the Galactic Shogunate. Imagine that you have to cross the Border of Entropy to get the Infinity Key to the Gateway of All Existence. Now imagine that you relax before your mission by playing a fun little Flash game where you have to maneuver a ball into a hole by clicking on spinning blockades. Isn't that fun?

(COMIC) ComicGen

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- Sure, you'd like to make a Web comic, but that takes wit and talent. Well, no it doesn't, but it does require access to some sort of image editor, and maybe you don't even have that. ComicGen comes to the rescue with a strip generation tool so simple that failure to master it legally defines you as a tuber. Once you've finished fooling around with it, you can hit "ComicBox" to look at other people's terrible, terrible creations...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

(MOVIE) Ipod World

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Ipod World
- A video about a world where everything is made by Ipod...

(GAME) Paintball

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- Enter the frenzied paintball arena and take on the sharp-shooting opponents. Play one versus one, or a four man skirmish.

Beware of Art

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Beware of Art
- Gallery of dangerous insect sculpture, and other arthropod art. Biologically-inspired dangerous sculpture created using wire and blades.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

(MUSIC) Litterbox

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Litterbox - Two great videos by a band of cats. I so wish my pet cats could do this type of thing but they refuse to go to music lessons.

Marked Territory

Hiss of Death

You can find all the music videos by Litterbox here.

(NEWS) Governor bans video games from prisons

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Governor bans video games from prisons
- Blunt, a Republican who took office two weeks ago, called video games "a luxury that inmates should not be allowed to enjoy."

I am just hoping Convict can enjoy the games we all enjoy.