Saturday, January 01, 2005

Urban Climbing

Urban Climbing
- Alain Robert climbing a tall building (Tour Montparnesse) without any safety equipment.

Wee Mee

Wee Mee - Build your very own personalised character and then download it as your MSN Messenger 6.2 display picture. There is a cost for the picture but I still like it.

The World's First Inflatable Pub

The World's First Inflatable Pub
- Designed and built by Airquee Ltd, The pub is the latest development from Andi Francis, who also created the worlds first Inflatable Church.

Inflatable Church

Inflatable Church
- One of the world's VERY FIRST inflatable churches is here to allow couples to get married wherever their hearts desire.

Friday The 24th

Friday The 24th
- Kill as many elves as you can. Avoid the boxes.

FedEx - Camouflauge

FedEx - Camouflauge - Employees scramble to avoid the boss in this clever new FedEx spot.

Suicide Bear

Suicide Bear
- A tragic love story between an unstable bear and, uh... himself. Originally from the east side of Cleveland, Jim Kosem now lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Darth Vader/Weirdo

Darth Vader/Weirdo
- This highly animated music video for the band The Left Rights is both funny and surreal.

Neurotically Yours

Neurotically Yours - Flash cartoons with Foamy and Germaine

Brian Mung

Brian Mung - A look into the twisted world of Brian Mung. My favourat movies are the Fnacy Soup series. Brian has also had a lot of fame with his Evil Sheep movie.

Makin Fiends

Making Fiends - Fun animations from Amy Winfrey, one of the animators on South Park. Features great songs such as
"Eat vegetables with every meal, Or your lips will start to peel, And your eyeballs will fall out, And your feet will smell like trout?"

Friday, December 31, 2004

Low Morale

Low Morale - A series of flash animations portraying one man's struggle to cope with working life. Includes the movie Radiohead - Creep (accoustic)

Mom's Coming To My House - live video

Mom's Coming To My House - live video - Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie at some high school somewhere in Winipeg, March 2002. This song really helped me through the first visit from my parents ;)

Corona Station

Corona Station - Dualin' fiddles for the heart of a pretty lady.

Keep Your Parents Off the Internet

Keep Your Parents Off the Internet - Tips and tricks to keep your parents off that world of porn known as the internet.

Weebl Advent Calendar - Come to Lapland

Come to Lapland - Come to Lapland. There's not much to do there, but it's better than Norway.

Dead Case

Dead Case
- Can you solve this point and click puzzle game? You play the part of a dead soul needing an escape to the next world. It's up to you to solve the ultimate murder mystery...your own! If you really need an FAQ there is one here. I would suggest trying to do the game without one though.

Welcome To The Internet Helpdesk - Live Version

Internet Helpdesk - Live Version - The studio version of life on an internet Helldesk. Now you know why you are kept on hold for so long

Welcome To The Internet Helpdesk - Studio Version

Internet Helpdesk - Studio Version - The studio version of life on an internet Helldesk. Now you know why you are kept on hold for so long - Your guide to free live TV broadcasts on the internet

Wushu Staff Fight

Wushu Staff Fight - Martial arts fans will enjoy this clip, as will anyone who can appreciate the effort and human achievement required to perform at this level.

Maama Room

Maama Room - Try to get out of the room. An easy point and click game. To help you solve the game I have created a guide here.

Simpsons UK Christmas Message

The Simpsons Xmas massage shown in on UK television in 2004.