Friday, January 07, 2005


This is a walkthrough describing the solution to Maama Room. The main area people get stuck is the password for the computer. The solution for this part can be found in section 9

1) Move the cushion in front of the computer to collect the "cutter".

2) Use the "cutter" on the cushion to cut it open and collect the "blue key".

3) Use the "blue key" on the “strange sign” found on the blue box to the left of the screen that looks like an oven.

4) Click the picture of the flower to get the “screw driver” from behind it.

5) Use the “screw driver” on the draws to get the “bulb”.

6) Put the “bulb into the empty slot in the ceiling.

7) Click the diamond on top of the draws to raise the diamond into the air.

8) Click the monitor to get access to the light switches by the door.

9) Turn on the lights on and you will see that the diamond creates a shadow of a letter "W" on the wall.

10) Turn the light on and off to get each letter of the password. If you are still stuck I have written the password in the comments.

11) Type the password into the computer and collect the “pink key”.

12) Use the “pink key” on the “strange sign” to open the oven.

13) Bellow the computer a white spot will flash every 10 seconds or so.

14) Click on the white spot to get the “room key”.

15) Use the “room key” on the door to escape the room and complete the game.

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