Saturday, October 25, 2008

A very clever notebook, noteboek Video

This is one very clever notebook or noteboek. This is not just a simple black notebook. The pages of this notebook can do so much more. I wish I had one of my own...

Orchestrated Death Game Walkthrough, Hints, Help and Spoilers

This is a walk through for the game Orchestrated Death. I suggest trying to play the game before reading this help page. This not only contains hints but it is also a spoiler for the game. If you have tried on your own and you have got stuck hopefully you will find this guide helpful. Starting the Game 1 ) Press 5 to load a coin 2 ) Press 1 to begin a new game 3 ) Personally I like to press 3 twice to remove the lines from the game
Chapter 1 1 ) Press the gun on the table to load the magazine into the gun.
2 ) Click the gun again and it will fall onto the floor and fire a hole in the ceiling
3 ) Click the lamp on the table to turn the light off. Now quickly click the razor blade while the lamp is off to knock the razor blade on the floor.
4 ) Click the razor blade on the floor to slice through the lamp cable. When the guy goes to check the lamp he will be electrocuted across the room.
5 ) Click the gun on the floor to kill the man and complete the first chapter of the game
Chapter 2 1 ) Click the refrigerator to open the door
2 ) While the fridge door is open click the fruit basket. The fruit bowl will move to the work top.
3 ) Click the bowl of fruit and a piece of fruit will drop into the blender.
4 ) While the chef’s hand is inside the blender click the blender and he will loose his hand.
5 ) Click the pans on the wall to move them to the cook.
6 ) Click the pans a second time to hit the chef over the head and knock him out.
7 ) Click on the chef to move him across the room.
8 ) Click the knives to place one knife onto the counter
9 ) Click on the chef to lift him above the ground
10 ) Click the oven door to open the door
11 ) Click the knife to place the chef into the oven and complete the level
Chapter 3 1 ) Click the lure on the lure on the fishing line to distract the fisherman with the cap.
2 ) While the man is distracted click the keys in his pocket to remove them.
3 ) Click the toolbox and use the keys to open it
4 ) Click the toolbox again to remove the knife.
5 ) Click on the knife to stab it into the back of the man with the cap. The 2 men will begin to fight.
6 ) Click the anchor to make sure the boat stays in place.
7 ) Click the face of the man with the white T-Shirt. This will cause the man with the white t-shirt to be hit with a left hook.
8 ) Click the boat engine to kill the man with the white T shirt.
9 ) Click the snake in the lower right of the screen.
10 ) Click the man with the hat to kill him with the snake. The man will float off the screen and the game is complete.
I hope you have found this walkthrough helpful. Feel free to link to this page but please do not copy the content of this page.

Assembler Puzzle Game

Assembler Game
- This is a puzzle game where you need to use the mouse to arrange the boxes in such a way that the green boxes stay inside the green square. This game gets harder as the levels progress. Towards the end of the game the screen gets very busy with boxes and becomes much harder to complete each level.

Ron Howard's Call To Action Video

Ron Howard the famous director and star of happy days shows his support for Barack Obama. Ron takes a trip down memory lane to relive some of his famous roles as proof of his support for the Obama campaign. He also gets some help from Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler.

This video was found via IronChuck Presents.

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Song for Sarah For Mrs. Palin By Vlad and Friend Boris

This is a spoof song for Sarah Palin created by a Russian double act called Vlad and friend Boris. This song reflects some of Sarah's comments regarding Alaska and Russia during interviews.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Qix Fill It Retro Game

Qix Fill It Retro Game
- I really like this game. I have spent a long time searching for this game and finally found it. This game is a lot like the retro arcade game, Qix. There are slight differences between this game and Qix but I personally prefer this game. The aim is to fill squares and rectangles on the screen with your spaceship. You will need to avoid the bugs flying round the centre of the screen. Each level is complete once you have filled 80% of the screen. I think the requirement is eighty percent for every level although I am not sure.

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker "Vacation"

After working 1000 days without a break it is time for Terry Tate to take a holiday. Terry does not want to go on vacation but state law says he needs to. While on holiday Terry is not only able to relax but he also makes sure the hotel runs more efficiently.

Terry Tate Office Linebacker "Sensitivity Training"

Paul Merkin, a junior mail room engineer, makes a complaint about Terry Tate and Fletchger and Sons are forced to take action. A HR Specialist, Geneva Stoller, is handing out a “badge of shame” to employees none compliant employees.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker - "My Debut"

Terry Tate gives his first lesson in the untold rules of office life. His unique teaching approach uses a well balanced mixture of pain and fear. Could anything stop Terry Tate? Well maybe a post trolley...

Terry Tate - Get Out The Vote

Make sure you get out and vote in the 2008 American Election if you are eligible to vote. Who knows, if you do not vote maybe Terry Tate will pay you a visit. This video takes place in an office where one guy has no plans to vote.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terry Tate + Sarah Palin: From Russia With Love

Terry Tate pays a visit to this interview in which Sarah Palin seems a little uncertain regarding Alaska's relationship with Russia. This is another funny one from everyone’s favorite office linebacker.

Rolling Turtle Game

Rolling Turtle Game
- Roll your turtle through the levels avoiding the hazards on the way. Use the direction keys to move your turtle left and right. You will also need to use the spacebar to make the turtle jump. You gain points by collecting yellow stars and completing the level with the smallest number of jumps. This is a big game with a total of 55 levels. This one kept me busy for a long time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

John Cleese Talks Sarah Palin, Fox News and The 2008 Election

This is an interview with former Monty Python star John Cleese. In this interview John talks about his thoughts regarding the up and coming 2008 US Elections. He has some wonderful words to say including Palin is "just a nice looking parrot", "Michael Palin is no longer the funniest Palin anymore" and "Monty Python could have written this". This is the longer version of this interview.