Saturday, October 25, 2008

Orchestrated Death Game Walkthrough, Hints, Help and Spoilers

This is a walk through for the game Orchestrated Death. I suggest trying to play the game before reading this help page. This not only contains hints but it is also a spoiler for the game. If you have tried on your own and you have got stuck hopefully you will find this guide helpful. Starting the Game 1 ) Press 5 to load a coin 2 ) Press 1 to begin a new game 3 ) Personally I like to press 3 twice to remove the lines from the game
Chapter 1 1 ) Press the gun on the table to load the magazine into the gun.
2 ) Click the gun again and it will fall onto the floor and fire a hole in the ceiling
3 ) Click the lamp on the table to turn the light off. Now quickly click the razor blade while the lamp is off to knock the razor blade on the floor.
4 ) Click the razor blade on the floor to slice through the lamp cable. When the guy goes to check the lamp he will be electrocuted across the room.
5 ) Click the gun on the floor to kill the man and complete the first chapter of the game
Chapter 2 1 ) Click the refrigerator to open the door
2 ) While the fridge door is open click the fruit basket. The fruit bowl will move to the work top.
3 ) Click the bowl of fruit and a piece of fruit will drop into the blender.
4 ) While the chef’s hand is inside the blender click the blender and he will loose his hand.
5 ) Click the pans on the wall to move them to the cook.
6 ) Click the pans a second time to hit the chef over the head and knock him out.
7 ) Click on the chef to move him across the room.
8 ) Click the knives to place one knife onto the counter
9 ) Click on the chef to lift him above the ground
10 ) Click the oven door to open the door
11 ) Click the knife to place the chef into the oven and complete the level
Chapter 3 1 ) Click the lure on the lure on the fishing line to distract the fisherman with the cap.
2 ) While the man is distracted click the keys in his pocket to remove them.
3 ) Click the toolbox and use the keys to open it
4 ) Click the toolbox again to remove the knife.
5 ) Click on the knife to stab it into the back of the man with the cap. The 2 men will begin to fight.
6 ) Click the anchor to make sure the boat stays in place.
7 ) Click the face of the man with the white T-Shirt. This will cause the man with the white t-shirt to be hit with a left hook.
8 ) Click the boat engine to kill the man with the white T shirt.
9 ) Click the snake in the lower right of the screen.
10 ) Click the man with the hat to kill him with the snake. The man will float off the screen and the game is complete.
I hope you have found this walkthrough helpful. Feel free to link to this page but please do not copy the content of this page.

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