Sunday, March 13, 2005

(GAME) Snow Blitz

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Snow Blitz
- What better way to sport your new, state-of-the-art AutoWarm jacket than to declare war on the entire neighbourhood? Although strong in number, young’ns don’t put up much of a fight. Hold your ground and keep throwing! Tougher, quicker and meaner, Bullies strike faster than you can say ‘lemon-flavoured snow.’

(GAME) Tubin' On Lake Tyler

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Tubin' On Lake Tyler
- The builders of this year’s HGTV Dream Home in beautiful Tyler, Texas have been working really hard and could use a break. What better way to relax than go Tubin’ on Lake Tyler! Yeeee hawww!

(GAME) Wimbledon

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- A nice tennis game based on the Wimbledon tennis torniment.

(GAME) The CCL Game

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The CCL Game
- Simply select 1 of the 3 products at the beginning of each level and by using the various conveyor belts, fans and bouncy things in the tool box, the aim is to get your chosen product across the warehouse into 'system builds'. The quicker you move the item the more points you'll score and by choosing a 'CCL Recommended product' you'll receive Bonus points!

(TECH) iPod vs. The Cassette

iPod vs. The Cassette: No Name No Slogan labs tests this years must-have device against one of the all time great audio formats...

(GAME) Lost Your Marbles?

Lost Your Marbles? - Click an area on the screen, and as the board moves around, dont touch any of the obstacles on screen. Collect as many marbles as you can before you hit another object.