Saturday, November 25, 2006

Omid Djalili Stand up on BBC Prime

A short clip of Omid Djalili's stand up show on BBC Prime where he describes a debate that once took place between the Jews and Christians. Along with being a comedian this guy acted in a few movies such as Gladiator, The Mummy and some James Bond flicks.

Extreme Stunt Flying Video Compilation

This is a compilation of some crazy pilots, doing their thing. Contains some pretty incredible stunts. Don't try at home!

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Little Britain - She Pushed Me

Little Britain - She Pushed Me
- It's Lou's turn to have his date ruined, as Andy has no intention of losing his unwitting slave.

The Rocking Son of Dschinghis Khan

The Rocking Son of Dschinghis Khan
- Dschinghis Khan pulls out all the stops - gold lame pants, smoke machines, Cossack costumes and dancing, weird utterances like "Look at me, Daddy," Abba-esque background vocals and of course, that crazy Rasputin looking guy who comes out at the end for a quick round of berserko dancing which manages to get the attentive Euro-Disco audience to actually clap their hands.


- Tired of getting caught downloading porn? Get Eye-Fi!!


You Drive
- A surreal short film produced for the band Citizens Here and Abroad.


Every :30
- According to the National Association of Transportation in Driving Statistics every thirty seconds a man is hit by a drunk driver. This is that man...

Sunday, November 05, 2006


- The story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables, in the tradition of Ben-Hur.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Scottish Drug Rehab Centre

Scottish Drug Rehab Centre
- Hilarious clip about a drug rehab centre from the BBC show Little Britain.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Can't Park Here Prank

Can't Park Here Prank
- This officer gives people a parking ticket before they can even get to the parking meter.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) The Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers
- Two great comedians with a unique show.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Old Lady Pwnz Moody Car Guy

Old Lady Pwnz Moody Car Guy - Fantastic scene captured during a skating video. An old lady asleep in the road gets her own back on an impatient Mercedes driver.

Friday, March 10, 2006

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Bambi 2002

Bambi 2002 - "Bambi" will be locked in the Disney vault, but there will still be "Bambi 2002". From Saturday TV Funhouse on SNL.


Mario on Two Guitars - Zack Kim plays the Mario theme on not one, but two guitars.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Natalie Portman: Gangsta Rap

Natalie Portman Gangsta Rap - When an interviewer asks, "What's a day in the life of the real Natalie Portman like?", Natalie Portman busts out rymes about her hard core gansta rap lifestyle.

An SNL Digital Short featuring Andy Samberg, Chris Parnell and Seth Meyers.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Winnebago Man Fuck Bloopers

Winnebago Man Fuck Bloopers - The CEO of Winnebago is trying to put together an industry tape but, as he puts it, "my mind is a piece of shit today."

The film crew put together a tape for themselves that includes, among other things, a montage of him yelling "fuck" in frustration.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

(TOPICS=MOVIES) (TOPICS=MUSIC) Matisyahu Jewish Raggae Rapper

Matisyahu Jewish Raggae Rapper - The Hasidic reggae beatboxing superstar.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) SNL Eddie Murphy Goes White

SNL Eddie Murphy Goes White - From an old SNL skit, Eddie Murphy turns himself into a white guy to see if there really is 'Two Americas.' SNL should do a reversal skit, where a white guy turns black. See what Eddie finds out...

(TOPICS=MOVIES) SNL The Barry Gibb Talk Show

SNL The Barry Gibb Talk Show - Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon star as the Gibb bros, talkin' 'bout chest hair and crazy cool medalions with political figures. Skit from SNL.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Pool Trick Shots

Pool Trick Shots - Some fantastic trick shots for pool.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Ali G Talks About Drugs

Ali G Talks About Drugs - A lot of people know Ali G from his American HBO show but before that he was huge in England for years. For those who don't know, Ali G dresses up like a pseudo gangster and asks very important people very ridiculous questions. In this clip from his British show he talks about drugs.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Kids Toss Light Bulb In Microwave

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(TOPICS=MOVIES) Kids Toss Light Bulb In Microwave
- Kind of cool to see what a light bulb does when stuck in a microwave.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Things you should never put in a microwave

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Things you should never put in a microwave
- This is a satirical public service announcement type warning about putting things in microwaves. Adam and Joe experiment with 2 halves of a grape, a CD on a paper cup and a light bulb in a glass of milk. Remember never try this at home even if it is more amazing than seeing Tron for the first time...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Unfabulous (Jennifer Harding) Bitter Music Video

The lyrics to the song are...

Bitter about it
She tried to fight it
But she couldn't hide it
It would come back a-and

She wouldn't let go
Too stubborn we all know
She'd always say no
And put up her hand

"I'm better than this" she sai---d
"Waste of my time,
Won't do it again."

People would ask her
Then they would tell her
What was her problem?
She'd never say yes

Scared to let someone
Come and just roam in
She didn't want that
She was ruthless

"I'm better than this" she sai---d
"Waste of my time,
Won't do it again."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Cookie Monster in rehab

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Cookie Monster in rehab
- A fantastic clip from Family Guy with the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street as a guest star. Stewie leaves specific instructions that he will not speak to Cookie Monster until he is out of rehab. Cut to the cell where CM is being kept.


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1337 Drum Skills
- 12 year old Tony Royster Jr. This kid plays the drums amazingly. From the sound you would not guess the child is so young.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Ali G Dangerous Weapons

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Ali G Dangerous Weapons
- The British wigger speaks with a police officer about the dangers of weaponry.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Honda Civic Choir

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Honda Civic Choir
- A viral advert from Honda to promote their Civic. This advert uses the sounds of a choir to simulate the sounds and feelings of driving the Civic.

Starball Game

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- The objective of the game is to complete all the levels and get the highest possible score. Once you have broken all bricks on the current level you will immediately proceed to the next one. In order ro make your task easier, you can pick up various power ups. Be careful since not all of these power ups have a good effect. Some of them will add extra obstacles and some have both bad and good sides.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


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Ninja Man
- Take charge as Ninjaman, as you wreak havoc upon the evil hoards. From tropical costal beaches, to dark and unpredictable forests, travel performing a vast range of attacks on your foes; the windmill, the sacrifice, and the awe-inspiring ballista just to name a few. With many different enemy types, attacks, and loads of action, you'll be captivated!

(TOPICS=MOVIES) F1 Crash Inside View

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F1 Crash Inside View
- This camera catches a pretty nasty F1 Crash from inside the car.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Ninjas VS Pirates

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Ninjas VS Pirates
- When the most archetypal enemies in the universe clash for the ultimate battle, lives and love are on the line. This could be the most epic and important film of this century. Directed by Micah Moore

(TOPICS=MOVIES) (TOPICS=MUSIC) (TOPICS=LSFW) Dear Penis by Rodney Carrington

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Dear Penis by Rodney Carrington
- A humorous song about a man's relationship with his penis. Here are the lyrics for the song;

Dear penis, I don't think I like you anymore.
You used to watch me shave.
Now all you do is stare at the floor.
Oh, dear penis...
I don't like you anymore.
It used to be you and me,
...a paper towel, and a dirty magazine, ...
That's all we needed to get by.
Now it seems things have changed.
And I think that you're the one to blame.
Dear penis,
I don't like you anymore.
He says...
Dear Rodney,
I don't think I like you anymore.
'cuz when you get to drinkin',
You put me places I've never been before.
Dear Rodney, I don't like you anymore.
Why can't we jsut get a grip on our
man-to-hand relationship?
...and come to terms with truly how we feel...
If we put our heads together,
we'd just stay home forever.
Dear penis,
I think I like you after all.
Oh, and Rodney,
While your shaving,
shave my balls.

(TOPICS=WALKTHROUGH) The White Chamber Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for the point and click game The White Chamber. In this game you find yourself trapped in a white room with a motorcycle. This walk through is aimed to guide you every step of the way towards completing the game. It does include spoilers. I advise that you try completing the game on your own first and only use this to help you when you are really stuck.

1) You start the game facing a dustbin and a window. Click the dustbin to get the ‘Purple Blocks’.
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2) Return to the first screen so that you are facing the dustbin and window again. Click the shelf above the window to get the ‘Strange Shaped Remote Controller’.
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3) Return to the first screen and turn right twice so that you are facing an advert. Click the advert and get the ‘Red Memory Chip’. The advert changes so I cannot tell you where on the advert the chip will be.
image hosted by

4) Step back so that you are facing the advert again. Click right so that you are facing a box on the wall and a table. Click the table and get the ‘Mount to Install Something’, ‘Long and Thin Steel Stick’ and ‘Solid Brass Hook’.
image hosted by

5) Return to the previous screen and click the green book. The green book is instructions for the remote control. As you flip through the pages a piece of paper falls out. Pick up the coded paper.
image hosted by

6) Return to the first screen and turn right. You will now be facing the garage door. Click above the garage door to get the ‘Motorcycle Key’.
image hosted by

7) Click back so that you are facing the garage door again. There is a small hole to the right of the garage door. Put the ‘Solid Brass Hook’ into the hole.
image hosted by

8) Turn right to face the motorbike. Click the motorbike engine to get the ‘Yellow Memory Chip’.
image hosted by

9) Use the ‘Motorbike key’ with the motorbike saddle to get the ‘Spanner Wrench with 10mm and 12mm’.
image hosted by

10) Click round the back of the rear tire to find the ‘Tiny Key’.
image hosted by

11) Click so that you are facing the grey door near the window. Click to face the ceiling. You will see a piece of paper stuck to the ceiling that is too high to reach. Use the ‘Long and Thin Steel Stick’ with the paper to get it down. You will now have a complete Morse Code Sheet.
image hosted by

12) Click right to face the table and box on the wall. Look up at the ceiling to find another box above the first one. Use the ‘Tiny Key’ with the box to make the light flash yellow.
image hosted by

13) Return to the lower box in the corner. Click above it to open a panel with a blue and red button. The blue button stands for a dot and the red stands for a dash on your code sheet.
image hosted by

14) you need to type ‘open’ into the box using the code sheet. The sequence for open is as follows;
image hosted by

15) As you click back from the box you will now see a blue door has appeared on the wall. Click to face the blue door and click the large button on the remote control. Click to open the door and you will find a ‘Blue Memory Chip’ inside the hidden cupboard.
image hosted by
image hosted by

16) Click to close the blue door and select information on the remote control. Click bottom corner of the remote control to turn the remote over and insert the blue, red and yellow memory chips into the correct places.
image hosted by

17) Face the blue door with the remote control and click the large button to make the light change colour. Each time the light changes colour you will find a new item behind the door each time. You should find the following items matching to the following colours;
BLUE = ‘Headlight of A Motorcycle’
RED = ‘Old Binoculars’
YELLOW = ‘A Mirror for Walls’
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18) Turn to face the garage door again and place the mirror onto the brass hook.
image hosted by

19) Face the front of the motor cycle and use the mounting bracket and headlight with the motor cycle.
image hosted by

20) Use the motorcycle key with the motorbike to turn the headlight on.
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21) Turn to face the window. The motorcycle headlamp will now be shining through the window. Use the binoculars to read the piece of paper at the back of the room.
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22) You will see series of numbers on the paper. This is a random number. You should key this number into the bike using the numbers on the handlebars. Each button stands for a different number;
2 = RED
4 = BLUE
6 = PURPLE (located on the right handlebar)
Once you have keyed in the code the engine does not start but there is a clicking sound.
image hosted by
image hosted by

23) Click to face the back of the front tire. You will see that the bike lock has opened. Click ‘OK’ on the bike lock and it will move. Collect the ‘Purple Memory Chip’.
image hosted by

24) Click information on the remote control. Look at the back of the remote and move the Gray Memory Chip out of the way and replace it with the ‘Purple Memory Chip’.
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25) Go to the blue door and press the large button on the remote control until the light is purple. Open the blue door to find a yellow panel with a blue button. You need to use the purple blocks with the yellow panel to spell out the word ‘HELP’. The left block is a dash and the right block is a dot. Each time you enter a letter press the blue button. The blocks should be entered from left to right. Make sure you do not remove blocks you have already entered as you are adding new blocks before pressing the button. The code you should enter is as follows;
image hosted by

26) The blue button with now flash yellow if you entered the code correctly. Press the yellow button and the yellow panel will move back to revile the ‘Golden Motorcycle Key’.
image hosted by

27) Put the ‘Golden Motorcycle Key’ into the motorbike ignition slot and press the purple button by the right handlebar.
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28) The motorcycle will start. You have now completed the game.
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If you found this link helpful or you have any suggestions please post them in the comments section. Feel free to link to this Walk through but please do not directly copy the text.