Saturday, January 28, 2006

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Kids Toss Light Bulb In Microwave

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(TOPICS=MOVIES) Kids Toss Light Bulb In Microwave
- Kind of cool to see what a light bulb does when stuck in a microwave.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Things you should never put in a microwave

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Things you should never put in a microwave
- This is a satirical public service announcement type warning about putting things in microwaves. Adam and Joe experiment with 2 halves of a grape, a CD on a paper cup and a light bulb in a glass of milk. Remember never try this at home even if it is more amazing than seeing Tron for the first time...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Unfabulous (Jennifer Harding) Bitter Music Video

The lyrics to the song are...

Bitter about it
She tried to fight it
But she couldn't hide it
It would come back a-and

She wouldn't let go
Too stubborn we all know
She'd always say no
And put up her hand

"I'm better than this" she sai---d
"Waste of my time,
Won't do it again."

People would ask her
Then they would tell her
What was her problem?
She'd never say yes

Scared to let someone
Come and just roam in
She didn't want that
She was ruthless

"I'm better than this" she sai---d
"Waste of my time,
Won't do it again."

Sunday, January 22, 2006

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Cookie Monster in rehab

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Cookie Monster in rehab
- A fantastic clip from Family Guy with the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street as a guest star. Stewie leaves specific instructions that he will not speak to Cookie Monster until he is out of rehab. Cut to the cell where CM is being kept.


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1337 Drum Skills
- 12 year old Tony Royster Jr. This kid plays the drums amazingly. From the sound you would not guess the child is so young.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Ali G Dangerous Weapons

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Ali G Dangerous Weapons
- The British wigger speaks with a police officer about the dangers of weaponry.

(TOPICS=MOVIES) Honda Civic Choir

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Honda Civic Choir
- A viral advert from Honda to promote their Civic. This advert uses the sounds of a choir to simulate the sounds and feelings of driving the Civic.

Starball Game

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- The objective of the game is to complete all the levels and get the highest possible score. Once you have broken all bricks on the current level you will immediately proceed to the next one. In order ro make your task easier, you can pick up various power ups. Be careful since not all of these power ups have a good effect. Some of them will add extra obstacles and some have both bad and good sides.