Saturday, January 14, 2006

(TOPICS=WALKTHROUGH) The Ugly Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the horror point and click game The Ugly

1) You find yourself in the living room. Click on the right of the screen to face the stereo.

2) Click the red power switch in the top left corner to turn the stereo on.

3) Quickly click on the curtain to the upper left of the screen to hide behind it.

4) You have disturbed the killer but he did not see you.

5) Click on the coridor in the center of the screen.

6) Click on the bathroom door to the right of the screen.

7) Click the tap to turn it on.

8) An eyeball floats out of the plug hole and you jump back shocked. Click to breath.

9) Click the right of the screen to face the toilet seat.

10) Open the toilet seat to see a head in the toilet.

11) Click on the heads mouth to recover a key.

12) Exit the toilet and go back into the hall.

13) Click on the hallway to the left of the main hallway.

14) Click to open the door to find yourself infront of another door.

15) Click to the right to enter the main bedroom.

16) Click the legs on the floor by the bed to see the ending unfold.

If you found this link helpful or you have any sugestions please post them in the comments section. Feel free to link to this Walk through but please do not directly copy the text.


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PB's Boys said...

Is that the room where he leaps at you?