Friday, October 31, 2008

October Site Update

Happy Halloween everybody. I felt it was time for a site update. I have made quite a few changes in the month of October. Hopefully the changes I have made will improve the website.

Add It Button
I have now added a button to the bottom of every post to add the post as a favourite on a number of other social book marking websites. It would really help the website if you could click this button if you like one of my posts. So far popular sites for sending traffic seem to be Reddit, Stumble Upon and Digg It.

Highfly Media
I have started adding to the Highfly Media website again. I have decided to use this site to host games and other forms of media not held on the main A Highfly In Space website. I have decided to host games on Highfly Media because some of the games I wished to place on Highfly In Space were too wide for the current site layout. With Highfly Media I have only got one sidebar so there is more room for content.

Highfly Walkthroughs
I have now added an extra website to contain all the walkthroughs that I create for online flash games. I have also decided to leave the existing walkthroughs on A Highfly In Space because some of these links are still generating a lot of traffic from external links and web searches. All my future walkthroughs will be placed onto Highfly Walkthroughs instead of A Highfly In Space.

I have started using the e-referrer service to show where the incoming links are coming from. This seems to be a useful tool. It is showing me how people are getting to this site. I am quite surprised how many hits I am getting from Google.

200,000 Total Visitors
A Highfly In Space has now had over 200,000 total visitors. I am happy to have managed to get this many visitors to the site and a big thank you to all those people who have visited the site and helped get the site to this land mark.

Over the last month I have been updating the site on average at least once a day. Fortunately this has been fruitful in terms of the number of people visiting the site. I have seen the number of visitors more than treble. I am hoping over time the site will continue to grow both in content and visitors.

Future Developments
At the moment I am not sure how many more developments I will be doing with the sites other than continuing to post. One of my aims is to increase the number of referring links as this will increase traffic. I also aim to review previous posts to make sure the links still work. My focus is to make sure the search result posts are updated to make sure search results are valid.

Well hope the site update did not bore you too much. Now time to get back to posting links, movies and games…

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