Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Indestructo Tank Game

Indestructo Tank Game
- This tank game is slightly different to most. You are in control of an indestructable tank. Instead of trying to avoid the falling bombs and enemy vehicles you need to aim for them. You have a limited amount of fuel each level which is refreshed each new level. To complete the level you need to string together exp points by creating aerial combos. At the end of each level you can spend money to increase the number of enemy tanks and aircrafts.


Anonymous said...

hey.. ur blog template is from blogger right? hows u get it to have 2 side menus ? cos isnt it usually on the right side only? pls help out

Highfly said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. I started with the blog template and then did modifications to it to add a new sidebar with a different name. I am not sure who to reply to properly though because you have logged as anonymous. Changing the template does take a bit of XML knowledge.


Anonymous said...

how do you add a new sidebar? do you change the add a page element layout section? or do you have to go Edit HTML and actually find the code and put it in?

Highfly said...

You need to go into the Edit HTML section. Once you have added the new sidebar you will be able to add eliments to it.

What is the address of your blog?

Anonymous said...

where can i get the code though??

Highfly said...

You have a nice blog :) Would you like to do a link exchange between our 2 sites?

I did not get the code from anywhere. I took the existing blogger template and then changed it myself.

There is not really an easy way to explain because the code needs changing in a few places.

You need to expand the overall size of your page by the size of your new sidebar and add the code for the new sidebar. This does take a bit of code knowledge but not too much. I do suggest backing up your template HTML and the HTML in your widgets before changing anything.

If you are still stuck tell me your email address and I will help to change your template via email.

Anonymous said...

hey sorry for the late reply.. about the template thing could u help me with mine??

my email is

pls contact me :)

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